Small Miracles

Yesterday I faced a challenge, something I felt unsettled about. I’m a quiet person and not always comfortable in crowds. But I’m also a believer, and when God asks me to do something for Him, I obey.

I was called unexpectedly to lead a group of unfamiliar women through a Bible study lesson. It didn’t sound difficult. I’ve spoken in front of larger groups and led larger workshops. Still, it was a stretch from sitting in front of the computer, lining up words in neat little rows.

As I dressed, I prayed.

I know when I’m weak, He can be strong in me, and when I’m too strong, He weakens me, so I sought balance.

Glancing at my jewelry display, my gaze fell to pair of gold studs with a tiny diamond chip in each one. These simple earrings carry a special place in my heart because they were a gift to me from my parents more than thirty years ago. My mom and dad are in heaven now, making these earrings even more precious to me.

Back when I first received them, I wore the earrings almost daily. Lightweight and comfortable, they complemented everything I wore.

Until I lost them.

I looked everywhere, focusing on one section of the bedroom, closest to where I sleep. I combed the carpeting on my hands and knees, avoiding vacuuming the area as long as possible. Finally, after weeks I had to admit they were gone.

Four years passed. Then one day, as I bent to pick up a slip of paper from beside the bed, I noticed something glinting from the carpet. On closer examination, I realized it was the back of an earring, and retrieved it between my fingertips.

It was one of my long-lost earrings! I squinted at the carpet and my heart skipped a beat. There lay its match not two inches from the first. I grabbed it, a smile tugging at my lips. How could this be? But deep inside, I knew the answer.

I’d experienced another of God’s small miracles, just one of the myriad ways He’s touched my life, reminding me of His presence.

I cleaned the jewels and put them on.

If I treasured them before, now I found these tiny gems priceless. Nothing could replace the affection my parents showed when they presented them. And now God had regifted them, spilling His lavish love onto me in such a simple gesture.

I shook my head, returning to the present.

Moments later, I left for the class, two tiny bits of gold bolstering my confidence more than anyone could ever guess.

The class went well. Indeed, one of the women smiled the moment she entered the room. “I know you. You’re a writer, aren’t you? I knew your daughter years ago, in a dance class.”

Another gentle touch from God, an “ordinary” wonder He blessed me with, letting me know I’m never alone.

How has He brightened your life with small miracles? Which “everyday” wonders do you cherish most? Do you fall back on those memories at times you’re feeling low?

I’d love to hear your stories, the way He touched your heart. And so, I suspect, would He.

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  1. I love this Heidi…it’s pure panic when you think something is gone… I lost my first pair of diamond earrings and I was sick sick sick…. when I found mine I gave them to my daughter….now the question is, does she still have them…. I’m so glad you found your gift from your mom and dad. Treasure them and every time you see them or touch them, think of them…

    • You’re right, Virginia. Kind of the lost lamb story. As soon as something is lost it magnifies its importance. Now I’m thinking you need to double-check that your daughter still has those earrings, ha, ha!

  2. God smiles. A month ago today I exuberantly called my brother and sang Happy Birthday ~ only… today is his birthday. I had my calendar turned a month ahead. It blessed him, and me, knowing he needed to be remembered that day it seemed especially for he thanked me twice for the picker-upper. God’s timing is wonderful. Thank you for your post today. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House (and I have sent him an e-mail and a text, not knowing if it is too early where he is ~ out for breakfast, in the woods hunting, or still inside ~ I will call and sing again a little later today!)

  3. Isn’t it awesome that our BIG God cares about the little things. Even the little things like a pair of beloved lost earrings resonates the story of the Prodigal son.

    • Yes! I see so many Bible parallels to this story! I love when we as believers slow down and take the time to see what He’s really saying. Because He’s always speaking, we just don’t always “listen,” right?

  4. I love this ❤️. This is an example of how much our Savior loves us no matter how big or small our concerns are.

  5. I love that story. Like you my parents gifted me with a beautiful pair of paridot earrings when I graduated from Massage school. About 3 weeks after a great trip to the Caribbean one of them went missing. That meant I got to enjoy those little perfect pieces of chartreuse perfection for one month. Six years later my husband and I were reflooring our dining room and my husband picked up something small and asked me if I knew where the match was to my peridot earring. I did indeed! All of my jewelry lives in a beautiful jewelry box… All except my paridot earrings. They live in my headboard 18 inches from my head with my wedding ring and 10 anniversary ring. They hold a special place in my heart so should they in my home. I am always in awe of when God plays “hide and go seek” with us. Sometimes He leaves us clues, or help, and others times He asks us for blind trust.

  6. Cynthia Killian Woodruff
    Saturday 10 November 2018, 1:26 pm

    Heidi, I’ve not read any of your writings before, and really enjoyed reading this blog. I love your style. I have had so many blessings like this one of yours that they would fill up too much space. I type up each event as they happen now so that every time I feel alone and forget my source of Peace, I read them. Thank you for reminding me about them.

    • I love that idea! Recording your small miracles and everyday blessings would be such an encouragement! I encourage you to go to one of my earliest writings here on the blog page, Lessons I Learned from My Massage Therapist. It’s my favorite!

  7. I lost a cross necklace for about 10 years. It was given to me when I turned 16. It was so special and meant a lot to me. I found it years later in my cedar chest. I wore it all the time. It’s not a happy ending. To this day I can’t find it😥

  8. I do love object lessons like this. When God uses ordinary things to reveal His wisdom. I’ve learned things about God from a cross necklace (that I had to let go of), fungus gnats on my plants at work (that I needed to pay closer attention to), and the tough decision to have my dog’s diseased eye removed. God is in the big and the little situations of our lives. He’s there in the friends He brings into our lives to bless us, like you. 🙂

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    • Thank you! I’ll look forward to more of your encouraging comments as I continue developing my blog. If you think your friends would also enjoy reading my hopefilled posts about God’s movement in our lives, please share this!

  10. Heidi thank you for sharing, if we are awake and alert we can find the smallest of God’s miracles everyday. I cherish the moment I open my eyes from sleep, for the roof over my head, for the clothes on my back…for the simple things in life, each one is like finding that pair of lost earrings over and over again. So glad God we get a glimpse of His providence every day!

  11. Hello Heidi! After reading your devotional yesterday in Mornings with Jesus, I decided to look up your blog today and was pleasantly surprised by all the lovely comments from readers about your sweet post about the earrings. My story is about my daughtr’s flute. She had been playing it the day before and then it was nowhere to be seen. We did not have much money at the time but I bought her a nice silver flute. Our friends were there and we all searched to no avail. Then I said let’s all pray. As we opened our eyes, one of the children shouted, “There it is!” It was in plain sight at the edge of a chair. We ALL were certain it had not been there before! Our God knew what that flute meant to my sweet daughter, Sid. We praised Him for that blessing.

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